Bakery of the Year 2018/19

Three Generations of Hawkes Bay Baker take out the Nation’s Top Baking Prize. 


Heaven’s Bakery, Napier is officially New Zealand’s Best Bakery. The Baking Industry Association of New Zealand judged Heaven’s Bakery as the best in a 12 item competition. The Bakery of the Year competition was held at the BIANZ Feature stand at Fine Food NZ in Auckland this weekend.  


In taking out the competition, Heavens Bakery received the highest score across the 12 sections and 4 categories on the mid-winter Christmas themed competition. The sections were:

Bread- Panetone, Stollen, Sourdough

Cake- Mini Yule Logs, Gluten Free Fruit Cake, Trifle Verrines

Pastry- Sausage Roll, Choux Pastry Eclairs, Croissants 

Creative- Innovation (a new bakery product), Gingerbread Christmas Tree, Shortbread packaged as a gift.


In these section items Heavens Bakery won 2x Bronze and 4x Gold with Overall category medals 1st Runner Up in Cake, Winner in Pastry and Winner in Creative before taking the Bakery of the Year Prize. This was not the first time that Heaven’s has taken home this trophy however it will be the first time Sam Heaven the 3rd generation of baker will have his name on the Baker of the Year award, alongside his father and grandfather. 


The Complete Results are:



Bronze- Volare Bread, Hamilton

Silver – Ubake, Timaru

Gold- Blomquists Bakery, Tauranga



Bronze: Heavens Bakery, Napier

Silver: Baker’s Diary, Auckland

Gold: Picton Village Bakkerij, Picton 



Bronze: Baker’s Diary, Auckland

Silver: Volare Bread, Hamilton

Gold: Daily Bread, Auckland



Mini Yule Logs:

Bronze: Divine Your Local Baker, Christchurch

silver : Ma Boulangerie, Queenstown

Gold: Heavens Bakery, Napier


Gluten Free Fruit Cake

Bronze Volare Bread, Hamilton

Silver: Wild Oats, Carterton 

Gold Divine your local baker, Christchurch 


Trifle verrines

Bronze Ma Boulangerie, Queenstown

Silver: Divine your local baker, Christchurch

Gold Heavens Bakery, Napier



Sausage Roll

Bronze- Picton Village Bakkerij, Picton

Silver: Hillpark Bakery, Auckland

Gold: Volare Bread, Hamilton


Choux Pastry Eclairs

Bronze- Daily Bread, Auckland

Silver- Ma boulangerie, Queenstown

Gold- Ten o’clock Cookie bakery and café, Masterton



Bronze- Heavens Bakery, Napier

Silver- Daily Bread, Auckland

Gold- Volare Bread, Hamilton


Creative Section



Bronze: Picton Village Bakkerij, Picton

Silver: Blomquists Bakery, Tauranga

Gold: Thoroughbread Foods LTD, Horowhenua


Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Bronze: Blomquists Bakery- Tauranga

Silver: Daily Bread- Auckland

Gold: Heavens Bakery- Napier


Biscuit- Shortbread 

Bronze- Ten o’clock Cookie Bakery and Café- Masterton

Silver: Blomquists Bakery- Tauranga

Gold: Heavens Bakery- Napier


Categories Awards


Second Runner Up- Volare Bread- Hamilton

First Runner Up Picton Village Bakkerij- Picton 

Winner: Daily Bread- Auckland



Second Runner Up- Ma Boulangerie- Queenstown

First Runner Up- Heavens Bakery- Napier

Winner- Divine your local baker- Christchurch



Second runner up- Ten oclock cookie bakery and café- Masterton 

First Runner up- Heavens Bakery- Napier

Winner: Daily Bread- Auckland



Second Runner Up- Ten o’clock cookie bakery and café- Marsterton

First Runner up- Blomquists Bakery- Tauranga

Winner- Heavens Bakery - Napier


Bakery of the Year

Second Runner Up- Ten O’clock Cookie Bakery and Café- Masterton

First Runner Up- Daily Bread- Auckland

Winner Heavens Bakery- Napier


2018 Competition Items







Mini Yule Logs

Gluten Free Glazed Fruit Cake

Trifle Verrines



Sausage Roll

Choux Pastry Eclairs




Innovation- new bakery product of competitors choice

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Packaged Shortbread as a Christmas Gift


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